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SSP - SARAH Scan and Plot

Current version

The current version is 1.2.5 (Download)


SSP is a Mathematica package which is supposed to be a handy tool doing parameter studies using the public tools SPheno, WHIZARD, HiggsBounds, MadGraph, CalcHep, Vevacious and MicrOmegas. The basic types of scans like grid or random scans are supported and the parameter ranges can be defined in an easy way and model independent way in the corresponding input files. In addition, it is also possible to fit constraints and sample 2D parameter spaces using intrinsic Mathematica functions.


SSP was published together with the SUSY toolbox. If you have used it for your study, please cite

Change log

  • 12. July 2017 (1.2.5): support of new "DECAY1L" blocks of SPheno:
    • Widths: PDG[WIDTH] (tree-level), PDG["DECAY1L"] (loop-level)
    • BRs: PDG[FinalParticles[PDG1,PDG2]] (tree-level), PDG["DECAY1L"[FinalParticles][PDG1,PDG2]]
  • 11.April 2017 (1.2.4): fixed typos in Contour-Scan option. Resurrected Example2.m
  • 31.July 2015 (1.2.3): Added support for MadGraph. Thank you to Waleed Abdallah for providing the routines and example.
  • 01.March 2015 (1.2.2): Added support of Vevacious
  • 04.September 2014 (1.2.1): Fixed compatibility problem with Mathematic 10
  • 12.May 2012 (1.2.0): Added Support of HiggsSignals: new flag "IncludeHiggsSignals", see also Example6.
  • 17.July 2012 (1.1.5): Possibility to define blocks which should be saved; possibility to define precision with which all numbers are stored; support of HiggsBoundsCouplingRatio blocks; Possibility to run points of old output again
  • 16.January 2012 (1.1.1): Beta version of interface to perform Marcov Chain Monte Carlo scans (thanks to Ritesh Singh for helpful discussion)
  • 3.January 2012 (1.1.0): Option to set time constraint for each program during scan (using 'timout' by J. Leffler); possibility to use LaTeX for plot labels (using 'fragmaster' by T. Vogel); reads and saves main annihilation channels given by MicrOmegas (needs changed MO main file, see e.g. SARAH-3.0.27); improved support for scatter plots: possibility to save conditions for points to be saved; option to attend more points to existing scans
  • 4.October 2011 (1.0.2): Included option for scatter plot
  • 22.September 2011 (1.0): First final version published
  • 21.July 2011 (0.9beta): Approaching final version: included HiggsBounds and WHIZARD, separated setting for tools from definition of scans, some new examples
  • 03.June 2011: First public release